Cycling Route

Re-discover La Rioja in 90 km

Cycling course 90 Km.

90 km circular circuit with start and arrival to the athletics tracks of Adarraga in Logroño

The T1 is in the Paseo de las Norias and we will the city through Vara del Rey and Avenida de Madrid to exit to Lardero. We will pass thrupugh the villages of Sorzano, Daroca, Sotés, Alesón, Huércanos and Cenicero before going into Rioja Alavesa to get to Laguardia. From there and bordering the Ebro we will arrive to Logroño.

  • Logroño
  • Lardero
  • Sorzano
  • Sojuela and Medrano
  • Daroca de Rioja
  • Hornos de Moncalvillo, Sotés and Ventosa.
  • Alesón
  • Huercanos
  • Cenicero
  • Elciego
  • La Guardia
  • Lapuebla
  • El campillar
  • Logroño


  • DRAFTING it is not allowed.
  • Always drive on the right side of the road.
  • The circuit will be correctly signalled and with kilometer points every 5 km.
  • The circuit will be parcially cut off to the traffic.
  • Along the route will be two victuallings: one in the village of Sojuela (km 23.5) and other in Cenicero (km 52.8).

The circuit is very fast El recorrido es muy rápido with a maximum slope of 8%, a cumulative positive uneveness of 1000m in 90km of the circuit (2% of average positive slope).

The first 15km are practically flat (1% of positive average) and with long straights where to fly coupled. The first obstacle to warm legs is the rise to El Joto with 3km to 4.7% . After a zone of slides and recovery, 5 km later (km 25) is the second section of rise: 3km to 4.1% . Once again, the slides and light slopes come back where fly along vineyards until the last positive stretcg at km 56:8km with a positive average slope of 2.5% where the hardest area will be a last kilometer at 5%. From that point to the finish, the last 22km, has a negative level (-0,91%) with what to recover some strength to start the running course.

Definitive Cut-off times

Start time: 14:00 Female 14:10 and 14:13 Male

Cut-off times
Discipline Time Hour Location
Swimming 60 minutes from the last start. 15:13h Water exit
Swimming + Cycling cut 1 1h 55 minutes from the start. 16:08h km 20 (Sorzano, road LR 341 km 3)
Swimming + Cycling cut 2 2h 45 minutes from the star. 16:58h km 40 (Forjados Riojanos, intersection N120a with LR 427 in Nájera)
Swimming + Cycling cut 3 3h 25 minutes from the start. 17:38h km 55 (Cenicero, LR 512 km 1)
Swimming + Cycling 4h 50´ 19:03h Boxes
Total cut-off time  7 hours 20 minutes 21:33 Finish

*Penalty Box in km 53.7 after leaving Cenicero, at the intersection with Laguardia road and in the km 86 after crossing the bike path of the pools and before entering the Adarraga.


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