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Program & Regulation

Follow-up Activities Programme

Friday 17

  • 17:00-20:00. Numbers pick up at Frontón Adarraga
  • 20:30. Circuit briefing (will be posted on our website)

Saturday 18

  • 09:30-14:00 Numbers pick up (Place Frontón Adarraga)
  • 12:00-14:00 Boxes opening and material control
  • 14:15 Boxes closing
  • 14:30 Call-room space of the water
  • 14:40 Female Race start
  • 14:50 Elite Male Race start
  • 14:51 AG wave 1 Male Race start
  • 14:54 AG wave 2 Male Race start
  • 15:10 Bike course start
  • 17:25 Bike course arriving at the finish
  • 18:50 First classified arrival
  • 19:30 Award ceremony 3 first male and female classified of La Rioja Triathlon
  • 23:30 End of the race
  • 21:45 Award ceremony Teams and age groups and La Rioja Championship


the triathle’s dossier (only in Spanish)

Download the dossier

Download the general FETRI competition regulation

Regulation 2021

Download the regulation


  • The race is ruled by the regulation of Triathlon’s Spanish Federation.
  • There will be able to take part every athlete who has their federal license updated or those who payed the one-day insurance in case of not having the license.
  • The organization will guard at all time over the safety of the race.
  • Organizing Committee saves itself the right to modify the itinerary and neutralize everything or part of the race, if meteorological conditions or any other unforeseen circumstances made it necessary. In case of impossibility of making the swimming sector because of the conditions of the Ebro River the race will turn into a duathlon. In case of impossibility of making the cycling sector because of traffic problems it will turn into an acuathlon.
  • The informative meeting of the race will be  Friday 14 at 20:00 in a place to be specified.
  • It is mandatory to present the federal license ’19 card or failing that for federations that do not issue a card, it will also be valid to access with ID.
  • In case of chip rental, it can be gathered at the entrance of boxes and must be returned at the end of the race. Rioja’s Triathlon delegation and organization save itself the right to claim expenses in case of non-return of the rented chip.
  • There is established a time limit for the first segment of 60 minutes from the last exit, in the second segment at 16:08 in the km 20 (Sorzano, road LR 341 km 3); at 16:58 in the km 40 (Forjados Riojanos, intersection N120a with LR 427 in Nájera); and at 17:38 in the km 55 (Cenicero, LR 512 km1).
  • To finish the swimming + bike segment is established a total time of 4h 50´, thus at 19:03h will close the access to T2.
  • Penalty Box at 53.7 kilometre, when leaving Cenicero, in the crossing with Laguardia road and in 86 km after crossing the bike path of the pools and before entering the Adarraga. It will be correctly signaled.
  • Drafting it will not be allowed.
  • The victualling will be correctly signalized with people at the expense of the organization. Throughout the tour will be disqualified to those who throw drums or waste outside the indicated space.
  • Each participant is responsable for knowing the race, its circuit and its rules.
  • The Organization declines every responsibility on possible moral or material hurts that could happen to participants or spectators, before, during or after the race.
  • The Organizing Committee saves itself the right of admission.
  • The organization is obliged neither to any return nor economic compensation in case of disqualification of the triathlete, partial or total cancellation of the test, or modification of the tour.
  • Image copyright and data portection.The acceptance of this regulation implies that the participant authorizes the organization, to the total or partial recording of their participation in it, and gives their consent to use their imagen to promote and disseminate the image of the race in all its (radio, press, video, photo, media, …) and gives all the rights related to its commercial and advertising explotation that it considers opportune to execute, without right on its part to receive any economic compensation. By the simple fact of their registration in this race, all the participants, tacitly lend their absolute consent for the organization of INNEVENTO, on its own or other authorized companies, treat or disseminate their personal data exclusively for sports, promotional or commercial purposes. By the By the 15/1999 Image Copyright’s Law of december 13th, the competitor has the right to access to these files in order to rectify or cancel its content in whole or in part. To do so, it must be requested as the law establishes, in writing, to INNEVENTO’s registered office in Bilbao, on Gran Vía 45, 1st Floor.

Deciding to participate implies acceptance of all these conditions.