One 1,9 km lap in the Ebro River

Swim |1,9 Km.



  • The start time will be counted when the ELITE triathletes are in the water.
  • Male Age Groups will use the “rolling start” format.
  • Call rooms at 14:30.
  • There will be a warm-up area from 13:00 to 14:15, near the pier.
  • The circuit will be marked by buoys and canoeists during all the time.

Mandatory equipment

  • Wetsuit (according with the Regulation)
  • Swim cap (provided by the organization)


  • Liquid refreshment at water exit

Staggered starts

This year we are planning a “rolling start” as we have been doing in previous editions. Groups of triathletes will be created so that the Elite Men will start first, then the Elite Women and their Age Groups (GG.EE); and then the Start 1 and Start 2.

Staggered and differentiated starts to improve the experience in the swimming sector in the Ebro River. The female start, following the recommendations of the FETRI, will be given in second place thinking about their safety and comfort, giving the prominence it deserves to the increasingly large group of female participants. Then come the age groups decreasing the number of participants in the early stages of the swimming sector. This differentiation by sexes and by groups will allow a faster, more comfortable and safer swimming for all participants.

Each triathlete will be notified of the exact time of departure depending on their bib number. To do so, it is recommended to be in the Adarraga pier area with enough time in advance and pay attention to all the indications of the organization and judges.

The time in classifications of the participants in each of the sectors, as well as the final time, will be in any case the actual time spent, taking into account the time of departure of their batch (the time that elapses from the exact time of departure of their batch until the time of arrival at the pits / goal).

Starting in elite, start 1 or start 2 does not limit for any of the classifications or awards given in La Rioja Triatlon.

The registration to each of the batches is under the free responsibility of each participant. The organization will not control times or rankings for this decision unless there are more than 100 applications in the elite male category. For the safety of all, the organization may stop selling bibs for one of the three batches when the time comes, being respected the choice of departure of each of the registered until that moment. The organization reserves a quota of 50 bibs of the first batch for commitments and invitations.


Elite start of the Spanish Cup of Medium and Long Distance

This year, as part of the Spanish Cup of Medium and Long Distance we will have an elite start for both Women and Men for this classification. These starts will be immediately prior to the starts proposed by the organization (women’s only start and the two men’s starts).

For this elite start, 100 male and 100 female places will be awarded, under the participation criteria detailed below. In the case of exceeding this number, those who do not meet the requirements will automatically move to Age Groups (the registration place is never lost).

The criteria for participation in the Elite start are the following:

1) 40 first classified in the Championship of the previous year, divided between Long Distance and Middle Distance, selecting the following order:

a. 1º Long Distance
b. 1º Medium Distance
c. 2º Long Distance
d. Etc.

2) International athletes in the Elite category of Middle and/or Long Distance Triathlon, selected by the FETRI in international competitions in the year the Championship is held, and/or in the previous year.

3) According to the national ranking of clubs 30 days before the Championship: 2 places for the first 10 clubs, and 1 place for the 11th and 20th.

4) Individual ranking 30 days before the Championship, in case there is a ranking of the modality or of the equivalent Spanish Cup.

5) Registration order until all places are filled.

From now on, the elite start option will be available for new registrants in both the men’s and women’s categories. Participants already registered should send an email to info@triatlonlarioja.com indicating their interest in participating in Elite category and their personal data.

The participation or not in Elite category will be confirmed 30 days before the race by the Spanish Triathlon Federation.

ELITE MALE START             14:40



Extracto de las Bases Reguladoras de la Copa de España MD y LD

Descarga la circular

Cut-off times

Starting time: 14:40 Elite men // 14:41 Elite women & Age Groups // 14:42 Male Age Groups

Circuit Time Start Situation
Swimming 60 min from the last exit 15:54h Out of the water
Swimming + Cycling 1st cut-off 1h 55 min from OPEN start 16:48h km 20 (Sorzano, LR 341 km 3 road)
Swimming + Cycling corte 2nd cut-off 2h 45 min from OPEN start 17:46h km 40 (Forjados Riojanos, N120a and LR 427 crossroads in Nájera)
Swimming + Cycling corte 3rd cut-off 3h 25 min from OPEN start 18:18h km 55 (Cenicero, LR 512 km1)
Swimming + Cycling 4h 50 min 19:43h Transition Area
Total cut-off time  7 h 20 min 22:13 Finish

*Penalty Box at Cenicero, km 53.7, and at km 86, before entering to Adarraga.