21 km through the city center

Running | 21 Km.

An urban circuit that will run through the streets of Logroño and the banks of the Ebro (21 Km – 4 laps x 5 km).

Leaving Adarraga Sport Centre towards the city center, we will turn right to go towards the Iron Bridge in the direction of Sagasta Street where we will turn around. Then we will go towards the Stone Bridge, crossing it to go to the Ebro Park. We will pass under the Iron Bridge and walk along this bank of the Ebro towards the Sagasta Bridge (white bridge designed by Calatrava and known as the Fourth Bridge). From there, again by the other bank, we will arrive again at the Adarraga by the area of the Embarcadero. At the athletics tracks we will start a new lap.


Mandatory equipment

  • The FETRI competition rules.


  • ADARRAGA (at the start of the course): bottles of water and energy drinks + Crown Sport Nutrition gels.
  • PARQUE DEL EBRO (in the middle of the course): bottles of water and energy drinks + Crown Sport Nutrition gels. In addition, in this area participants are allowed to receive liquids and/or solids from trainers/companions.
  • There are water fountains along the circuit.


  • Urban circuit completely closed to traffic.
  • There will be 2 provisioning stations on each lap + 1 liquid refreshment.
  • In addition, there are 4 water fountains and a stretch of 100 m with water vapour that will be activated if weather conditions require it.
  • Marking and signposting km by km.

Circuit: 21 km in 4 laps

It will be a flat course, with only 70 meters of total elevation gain.

Cut-off times

Starting time: 14:40 Elite men // 14:41 Elite women & Age Groups // 14:42 Male Age Groups

Circuit Time Start Situation
Swimming 60 min from the last exit 15:54h Waters exit
Swimming + Cycling 1st cut-off 1h 55 min from OPEN start 16:48h km 20 (Sorzano, LR 341 km 3 road)
Swimming + Cycling corte 2nd cut-off 2h 45 min from OPEN start 17:46h km 40 (Forjados Riojanos, N120a and LR 427crossroads in Nájera)
Swimming + Cycling corte 3rd cut-off 3h 25 min from OPEN start 18:18h km 55 (Cenicero, LR 512 km1)
Swimming + Cycling 4h 50 min 19:43h Transition Area
Total cut-off time  7 h 20 min 22:13 Finish

*Penalty Box at Cenicero, km 53.7, and at km 86, before entering to Adarraga.