We will better with your help

Do you want to be a volunteer in La Riojas’s Triathlon?

Approach the world of sports, and especially the triathlon, next June in the first edition of the WineTri debuting in Logroño in the Half Distance mode. We want to invite you to lice through this event from inside, taking part live in the development of the competition.

Your help will be more than necessary!!!

An event of the characteristics of this thriatlon will demand a perfect care both of the sportsman and of the fans, and this supposes keep all the fundamentals aspects of the event under control, from starts, the victuallings, the direction of the race or the arrival. Additionally, the fans and the press that come to Logroño must be attended and kept informed.

We will need more than 100 volunteers!!

If you want to take part during the 15th and 16th of June inside the organization of La Rioja’s Triathlon do not hesitate to sign up as volunteer sending an e-mail to: info@innevento.com

For the value thah from La Rioja’s Triathlon we grant to your collaboration, and after the experience of last year, we promise to recognize the figure of the volunteer, to facilitate the formation and necessary information, and to provide the equipment that allows to carry out the needed function.

In return we look for people consistent with the acquired commitment, with a positive and participative attitude, which respects the principles and the guidelines of the competition and attends punctually at this position.


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